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Communications around the globe 24/7

Date: 6/16/2016 3:18 PM EDT

If you travel the globe and you’re frequently in remote locations, but you still want to use your smart phone, there’s satellite technology that can make this a reality – the Thuraya SatSleeve. Even if you never travel the globe, but you live in a rural community (or just a terrestrial cell tower dead-zone), the same technology can convert your standard smartphone into a satellite phone that gets reception anywhere on the planet. And as amazing as this revelation is, it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg. It doesn’t require any complicated setup, either (there’s a simple tutorial video that can walk you through it).

The Thuraya SatSleeve takes your existing smart phone and transforms it into a lean, mean, satellite-signal-receiving machine. Both iPhone and Samsung smartphones are compatible with this technology. Even when you upgrade your phone, you can still use the same Thuraya Satsleeve with an updated adapter. The satellite network covers over 160 countries, so just about anywhere you want to go, you’ll have access to everything you need on your phone.

When you use the Thuraya Satsleeve, you don’t have to worry about remembering a 16-digit satellite phone number or your call not getting through because of a security block on a foreign number. Your calls will ring through and be connected via a local number, so your call can be connected easily, every time.

This technology is great for people who live and work outside of terrestrial cell phone tower reach. Even if you’re not an adventurer hiking to remote locations, there are many spots in our country and others that still do not have cell phone coverage or Internet capability. With this technology hooked to a smart phone, anyone can have access to all smart phone capabilities like talk, voice, text, applications, Internet access and more.

There are also industries that by their very mobile nature demand satellite technology to communicate. Emergency first responders are always on the go. Having their smart phones with satellite capability allows them to communicate with their loved ones to reassure them of their safety during times when terrestrial phone lines may be overburdened with traffic. Members of the media are also highly mobile and need to communicate with their offices or their families while chasing a developing story. The Thuraya Satsleeve makes all of this possible.

Industries can also benefit from the Thuraya Satsleeve. Utility workers frequently have to work alone in remote locations to make repairs, check conditions and service equipment. With use of their smart phones, in addition to any other satellite communications their company may use, they are able to communicate through multiple channels, which helps improve operations and worker safety. The same benefits extend to workers in the oil and gas industries, mining, maritime and aviation industries. All of these industries are highly mobile and in remote locations. They can all benefit from an additional line of communication to their home offices and loved ones.

This technology is surprisingly affordable for all that you get. For about the cost of your cell phone, you can buy one of these devices. Contact us today to order.

Headquartered in New York City, New York Mobile Satellite provides B2B wireless and satellite based telecommunication services, both mobile and fixed, to commercial enterprises around the globe, including banking, financial services, oil and gas, first responders, law enforcement, electric and water utilities, construction, sea ports, leisure boating, mining, cruise lines, media, shipping and container vessels, transportation, camping and hiking groups, rescue organizations, maritime communications, public safety markets and government sector, as well as for disaster recovery and humanitarian agencies. The Management Team has over 75 years of satellite and telecommunication experience. The company’s flexibility to custom design solutions and integrate various satellite communications technologies for customer and industry specific needs sets us apart from the competition. New York Mobile Satellite LLC is certified as a Veteran Owned business by the Veterans Administration.

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