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Communications around the globe 24/7

Date: 4/21/2016 7:31 PM EDT

It’s amazing technology that’s easy to use – SATCollect, the solution that helps simplify the satellite calling process. Learn more about SATCollect and its applications, and then decide for yourself if it’s something that can help your business save money, while avoiding communications issues.

What is SATCollect?

Satellite numbers tend to be long and hard to remember, but with SATCollect, you can assign one or multiple local phone numbers from over 50 countries that will direct to your satellite phone. This can save people trying to call your satellite phone from remembering a long satellite number or a country code when trying to reach you, making the phone service seem more like terrestrial phone service, which is familiar to more people. The more comfortable users are, the easier communication becomes.

You’d be surprised how easy SATCollect is to set up. All you do is choose your country/area code, enter your sat phone number, use your new number and save. The technology is sophisticated, the interface simple.

How can your business benefit from SATCollect?

In addition to simplifying the calling process, SATCollect can help better control your satellite communication budget. You can get a permanent rate. It will be more like calling local to local rather than local to long distance. This will also help people calling your satellite phone save money, as they won’t incur extra fees for dialing internationally. These savings can add up to a better bottom line for your company and for your customers.

SATCollect also offers real-time billing and activity reports. You can access all your satellite related services on one bill, which means you can have better visibility of your satellite communications costs to control your bottom line.

What are some applications of SATCollect?

What are some practical applications of this technology out in the field? There are a variety of industries that can benefit from the simplification of the calling process and the cost savings SATCollect can offer.

The government and military are on very strict budgets. SATCollect offers predictable billing with cost-saving rates to help keep communications budgets under control. This technology can also offer certain numbers to certain staff members, so the budgeting office can monitor where costs are incurred.

In the oil and gas industry, people generally need to communicate within the field for research, pipeline monitoring or repair and general communication for the drilling staff and oil platforms. SATCollect allows staff members located in these remote, offsite locations to reach other staff members with a simple, local phone number.

The boating industry or those who spend a lot of time out at sea can benefit from SATCollect by having a local number for friends, family or colleagues who are ashore. When fishing vessels take advantage of this technology, their parent company can assign numbers to all boats so that they can contact their vessels through a local number, saving money on communications costs and making communication easier.

Emergency and disaster relief staff can receive calls quickly so they can save more lives, as people phoning for assistance won’t have to deal with long, confusing numbers or the barriers of making an international call.

The media can also benefit from SATCollect, as reporters travelling the world are a simple local phone call away from the station at all times. Often reporters have very little lead time on where they are travelling when they are chasing a story. With SATCollect, they can be in constant contact with their offices at home to ensure good communication and safety.

How can you get more information?

If you’d like more details on SATCollect and the low call rates that go along with it, contact New York Mobile Satellite. We’re here to answer all your questions and get you on the path towards better communication and a better bottom line.

New York Mobile Satellite LLC, veteran-owned, headquartered in New York City, provides B2B wireless and satellite based telecommunication services, both mobile and fixed, to commercial enterprises around the globe, including banking, financial services, oil and gas, first responders, law enforcement, electric and water utilities, construction, sea ports, leisure boating, mining, cruise lines, media, shipping and container vessels, transportation, camping and hiking groups, rescue organizations, maritime communications, public safety markets and government sector, as well as for disaster recovery and humanitarian agencies. The Management Team has over 75 years of satellite and telecommunication experience. The company’s flexibility to custom design solutions and integrate various satellite communications technologies for customer, and industry specific needs, sets us apart from the competition.

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