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Camera Solutions

Utility solutions and Use Cases:

  • Rapid deployment for emergency response and safety scenarios 
  • Manage and monitor plant/site operations
  • Remote monitoring of hazardous areas or inaccessible locations
  • Monitor heat signatures of remote site transformers (thermal)
  • Provide remote site security to protect on-site assets (thermal option)
  • Rapid deployment for temporary monitoring (new site construction and/or service calls)


Oil and Gas applications:

  • Rapid deployment for emergency response and safety scenarios such as well blow out and site fires
  • Perimeter security of remote sites with off-grid power solutions
  • Process assurance and monitoring the refining process
  • Monitor hazardous areas such as in-well installations

Other Applications and Use Cases:

  • Law enforcement  monitoring
  • Parking lot monitoring
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Water company monitoring
  • Sea port monitoring
  • Bus surveillance  monitoring
  • Vessel container monitoring
  • Ship cargo monitoring

SeSys Torch Camera:  (self contained solution that is Rapidly Deployable)  

New York Mobile Satellite is proud to introduce the first line of rapidly deployable satellite enabled self contained cameras. These allow you to utilize our Broad Band Global Area Network (BBGAN) or your existing network in order to enable direct and remove monitoring.

Completely self contained these self contained satellite cameras are equipped for rapid deployment. Our cameras are shipped with an easy mount bracket that enables the camera to be deployed on a pole or building in under 15 minutes exactly where you need it. Whether you are in need of a traditional camera for monitoring your home or business, or need to quickly deploy a camera in an emergency the Sesys Torch Camera is ready to go. Each camera contains a completely wireless self contained system with internal power, storage, WiFi/4G and Satellite connectivity. Shipped with the capability to be ready to use with the cellphone provider of your choosing enabling for an even faster deployment where you need them most.

The Sesys Torch Satellite Camera includes Thermal Capabilities, allowing your camera to function either in low, or no light environments. Our thermal capabilities have seen use in a variety of industries in detecting hot or cold environment conditions. Able to quickly connect and allow remote monitoring of the thermal conditions in a potentially hazardous area.

The Sesys Torch Satellite Camera has seen use by the LA Port Authority in tracking shipments as well as use by the Los Angeles Police Department in monitoring drug trafficking. Our self contained cameras have been used to great success in the Oil and Gas industries, as well as allow for the remote monitoring of off the grid locations. Regardless of if your location is hazardous, inaccessible, or needs thermal monitoring our rapidly deployable self contained cameras can meet your needs.

Our Cameras are widely used in the Us, UK and across Europe. Our biggest customers in Europe are primarily water, utility, and construction. Currently we are working with Thames Water, Southern Water, the Wessex Water Treatment Plant, and the Portsmouth City Council.

In the US our cameras have been used very successfully by Law Enforcement, Public safety, and Emergency Preparedness. Currently our cameras are in use across the country by the following companies:

  • Port of Los Angeles Police
  • Bound Brook New Jersey Police
  • Maryland Transit Authority Police
  • University of California San Diego
  • University of Maryland Public Safety
  • City of Suffolk Traffic Engineering
  • Sunburry PA Police Dept
  • City of Windsor Fire and rescue (Canada)
  • City of Akron Ohio Water Authority
  • City of St Louis Water Authority


Camera Overview:  More Info

Thermal videos: More Info

ATEX Camera (intrinsically safe cameras/Explosion Proof/IECEx rated)

SeSys ATEX and IECEx compliant digital IP cameras are designed to facilitate remote monitoring in inhospitable, hazardous or explosive areas. Also known as intrinsically safe cameras or explosion proof cameras, they reduce the dangers posed to personnel – and provide live video images that can be accessed via a web browser or the software package included with the camera to allow inhospitable or inaccessible areas to be monitored from a safe distance. SeSys ATEX cameras provide clear, high resolution images and include integral storage to record any images for post processing or record keeping. Recording can be event driven (using motion or light for example) and these events can also be used to generate alarms, sending images to alert users or ARCs (alarm receiving centers) of any activity.

Common Applications include: Oil and Gas, Petro Chemical, Industrial/manufacturing plants, Waste Water, and other hazardous environments with explosive chemicals and gasses.

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