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Convert your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy into a Satellite Phone

The perfect blend of mobility and simplicity brings satellite communications to your Iphone within seconds. It is very easy to integrate your Iphone with the Thuraya Satsleeve.

Heres how.
When using the SatSleeve for the first time you have to pair it with your Iphone via Bluetooth. To start the process simply remove the the back cover of the SatSleeve and press the highlighted button with a pointed object.. Next go to settings on your Iphone and select Bluetooth. Make sure your Bluetooth is switched on in order to begin pairing. Select SatSleeve from the device list and check the Bluetooth icon displayed on the top of your Iphone screen. It will illuminate when the when the pairing is complete. Once paired launch the SatSleeve application on your Iphone by clicking on the application icon on your screen. The manually pairing process only has to be done once. The next time you use the SatSleeve with your Iphone it will pair automatically as long as your Iphones Bluetooth is switched on. To mail or access your favorite apps in satellite mode launch the SatSleeve Application and go to settings. Select satellite data and set satellite data to on. This will start a satellite data Connection and at the same time will establish a WiFi access point. Once completed leave the SatSleeve app and launch the Iphone settings. Select WiFi followed by the SatSleeve connection you just established. Now you can tend to your emails and use your favorite apps in satellite mode. Thuraya SatSleeve, expand your Iphones horizons.

The perfect blend of mobility and Simplicity the SatSleeve is the smartest, fastest, and simplest way to transform your phone into a satellite smartphone. It is easy to use simply insert your Samsung Galaxy to instantly get mobile satellite connection in over 160 countries across Thuraya's satellite footprint. You can now stay in touch with our loved ones through phone calls, messages, access to emails, and your favorite apps in satellite mode. Thurayas high power satellites enable full walk and talk capability. Thuraya is also the only operator that offers mobile and satellite coverage even in the most remote areas. It is also equipped with a dedicated emergency call function allowing you to make a phone call to a predefined number even without your smartphone docked. With the Thuyaya SatSleeve for your Samsung Android phone your phone is transformed into a satellite smartphone ready to meet the world. Thuraya SatSleeve, expand your Samsung Galaxy's horizons.

Thuraya SatSleeve

The Thuraya SatSleeve is an easy to use innovative satellite phone solution that allows you to use your traditional cell phone in areas where acquiring a traditional signal would be impossible. Our solution allows Iphone and Samsung Galaxy users to travel the world and still maintain contact with their friends, family, and their business. With a satellite network spanning over 160 countries we allow you to stay in contact no matter where your travels take you. Whether you are a corporate officer overseeing your companies world wide needs, a frequent world traveler, or an adventurous explorer who lives on the road less traveled the Thuraya SatSleeve puts the electronic world at your fingertips.

In addition our mobile satellite phones allow you to use a local number. Perhaps your corporate office security blocks foreign numbers that would prevent traditional sat phone solutions from meeting your needs. Our satellite solution will ring through as a local number. In addition your friends and family will not need to remember a standard 16 digit satellite phone number. We make it even easier to stay in contact wherever in the world your travels take you.

Supported by a satellite network that is renowned for having the most reliable satellite coverage, and utilizing a High Penetration Alerting capability (HPA) the Thuraya Satsleeve enables you to receive a call notification even with the satellite antenna stowed. In addition the Thuraya SatSleeve comes equipped with an SOS call button that when pressed will automatically contact a predefined number even if your cell phone is not docked or damaged.

Our easy to use, user-friendly application allows you to enjoy satellite connectivity in 12 languages. In addition you can easily integrate your smartphone's address book with a swipe of your fingertips. There is no need to adjust your address book when switching from using your satellite or traditional connection.

Your mobile data connection will allow you to take your favorite apps with you. Whether updating your Facebook status from half the world away, or using our data connection to tweet about your latest adventure you can have confidence you will never find yourself cut off from the digital world.

The Thuraya Satsleeve is available with adapters for all major Iphone and Samsung Galaxy models. This ensures compatibility not only with the phones of today, but as you upgrade your phone all you will need to do is purchase an updated adapter for your new model. With the Thuraya SatSleeve, your smartphone is ready to meet the world.

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