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iDirect Products & Internet Services

For Fixed - Mobile & Portable Satellite Systems

Business Grade VSAT Equipment & Service Solutions - iDirect Ku-Band

Business Grade Satellite Internet  provides high-speed, low-latency, net-neutral, application tolerant, VPN & VoIP optimized, highly predictable connections that deliver what consumer grade satellite services can not... functional reliability.

  • Case Based Solution - Flyaway Toughsat
    A Portable 1.2 Meter Satellite Dish - iDirect Service

    This portable Case-Based mobile satellite system is easily transported and can be setup by one person to create a powerful Wi-Fi Hotspot. The Flyaway system is manufactured by GCFlyaway Mobile Dish Information

  • Mobile Satellite Internet
    Truck or Trailer Top Mounting - iDirect Service

    Toughsat mobile VSAT satellite Internet systems that mount on any rig roof. These mobile dishes are one-button easy to operate, and deliver performance grade high-speed satellite Internet from anywhere. Services for the equipment are below.
    Mobile Satellite Systems

  • T-100 Communications Trailer
    A Mobile - Transportable Hotspot - iDirect Service

    Toughsat T-100 Multi-Purpose Satellite Communications Trailer to create a half-mile (.82 Kilometers) wireless access point for any in-range device. An instant communications portal for any location.
    T-100 Communications Trailer Information

  • Fixed Location VSAT Dish
    Complete Professional Grade VSAT Systems - iDirect Service

    New York Mobile Satellite Offers  performance grade satellite equipment and service. We are source provider for all of your communication needs.


Other Satellite Internet Options - Global

  • Portable Satellite Internet & Phone - Globally
    Prices start at - $1,345 usd

    BGAN Terminals are highly portable global broadband Internet devices that also offer standard phone service. Speed of BGAN terminals are up to 492 Kbps download and 448 Kbps upload. Excellent for any laptop or smartphone that need to connect to broadband Internet most anywhere on the planet.
    BGAN Portable Terminals & Service

  • Moving or Parked Satellite Internet with Wi-Fi
    Priced starting at 5,595 usd

    In-Motion terminals offer broadband Internet up to 444Kbps and may connect any authorized wireless device up to 200 meters, moving or parked. An excellent Internet hotspot for pubic events, nearby convoy vehicles, campsites, or anything that is within range of the antenna.
    In-Motion or Parked Satellite Terminals

  • Carry Case - BGAN Internet & Phone
    Prices starting at $2,723 usd

    A BGAN ready-case places a BGAN portable satellite terminal in a hardened all-weather case. Everything is included for creating a mobile office in any location in minutes. BGAN Ready Cases are excellent for backup communication and portability.
    BGAN Hardened Cases

  • Satellite Phones - Data Phone
    Prices Starting At Price - $595 usd

    Satellite phone may be used by anyone anywhere on the planet are are a reliable way of staying connected when no other means of communication is possible. With the Iridium Axcesspoint personal hotspot, low speed Internet is even available. New York Mobile Satellite specializes in airtime and Internet service.

  • Remote Monitoring & Control
    Prices Starting At Price - $1,235 usd

    Control unmanned equipment for $47 usd a month anywhere on the planet with a Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal. These fixed locations terminals operate on 4 watts of power 24 hours a day, and can relay any information from your equipment over the Inmarsat BGAN network. A Remote Ethernet port for any use.
    Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal & BGAN M2M Service

  • MCD-4800 - An Auto-Pointing Hotspot In A Case
    Prices Starting At Price - $12,995 usd

    Simply place the closed MCD-4800 watertight case under an open sky, and turn it on. In a minute it automatically becomes a broadband satellite connection with a wireless access for any in-range device up to 6 hours on a single charge.
    MCD-4800 Information

  • Maritime Satellite Connectivity

    Maritime satellite Internet solutions for both Phone and Internet connectivity. These terminals work globally, are easy to use, and can be operated by anyone.
    Link to Maritime Services


Performance iDirect Ku-Band VSAT Satellite Internet

iDirect satellite services use a highly efficient implementation of the DVB-S2/ACM standard on a Star Topology making it ideally suited for broadband connectivity for Internet and VPN access to enterprise networks. iDirect is also ideal for real-time VoIP Phone and video conferencing solutions with powerful QoS (Quality of Service) prioritization standards so applications behave as they are designed.

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