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Communications around the globe 24/7


Our Solutions

  • Mobile Broadband Service New York

    Land-based Industries

    Our GPS and M2M services support: Oil and Gas, Transportation, Banking, Financial Services, Hospitals, Insurance, Utilities, Mining, Construction, Media, Aid Agencies, and Multinational Operations.

  • SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Services


    Our services enable you to communicate between takeoff and landing with cockpit and cabin communications - from safety communications, weather and flight-plan updates, to email, Internet and phone services.

  • Wireless Cameras in New York


    Satellite services can enhance vessel performance by providing seamless ocean coverage around the globe (notwithstanding extreme polar regions). Our service supports voice and data up to 432 kbps, major virtual private network (VPN) products, 64/128 kbps, integrated services digital network (ISDN), 2.4 kbps phone data and encryption standards.


About Us

NY Mobile Satellite  LLC  provides B2B wireless and satellite internet provider, both mobile and fixed satellite solutions, to commercial enterprises around the globe, including banking, financial services, oil and gas, first responders, law enforcement, electric and water utilities, construction, sea ports, leisure boating, mining, cruise lines, media, shipping and container vessels, transportation, camping and hiking groups, rescue organizations, maritime communications, public safety markets and government sector, as well as for disaster recovery and humanitarian agencies. The Management Team has over 75 years of satellite and telecommunication experience. The company’s flexibility to custom design solutions and integrate various satellite communications technologies for customer, and industry specific needs, sets us apart from the competition.

The company offers managed/secure communications networks, satellite broadband, voice over Internet protocol, satellite phone plans, video conferencing and data communication, wireless and terrestrial communication, satellite phone service, video monitoring, and data transfer services in various scenarios, such as business continuity, emergency response, tactical field deployment, and temporary usage Satellite Emergency Operations Network, a satellite network communication solution for emergency responders; BGAN Service, VSAT Service, and teleport services, such as Ku-band, Ka-band, C-band, X-band, and L-band services for critical missions over land, sea, and air; and technical support services, including help desk, commissioning, and network operations. In addition, the company supplies equipment for satellite network systems ranging from satellite modems, satellite antennas, and wireless devices. The company offers professional services, which include network engineering and design; camera surveillance service, gateway design, installation, and  services; communications equipment integration, deployment, and telecommunication services.

We carry products & services of the following companies:

Marklink                  Inmarsat                     Iridium                      Hughes                       Cobham

Featured Products

Satellite Phone Plans New York

Iridium 9575

Handheld Global Sat Phone
Phone - Low-Speed Internet 

Coverage: 100% Global
Rate: From $1.50 to $3.00 per minute
Talk Time: 3.5 Hours (30 hour standby)
Internet: Low-Speed 2.4 with Axcesspoint
Satellite Orbit: Low Earth Orbit - Moving 

Price $1,695

SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Services New York

Isat Hub

Portable Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot
Phone - High-Speed Internet

Coverage: Global (Except for Poles)
Rate: $3 to $4 per MB - $0.99/min voice
Talk Time: 7 Hours (16 hour standby)
Internet: High-Speed 384 Kbps!
Satellite Orbit: Stationary 

Price $1,345


Seamless communication all over the globe

First global Ka-band commercial satellite service
The Inmarsat-5 satellites operate with a combination of fixed narrow spot beams that enable Inmarsat to deliver higher speeds through more compact terminals, plus steerable beams so additional capacity can be directed in real-time to where it’s needed.

Operating in the resilient Ka-band, while integrating seamlessly with our proven L-band network, Global Xpress allows customers across aviation, maritime, enterprise and government sectors to have reliable and assured access to high-throughput communications.

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    646-537-1724 or

    (USA) 866-216- 0875

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