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Voice Solutions for Broadcast and Media


New York Mobile Satellite trusted satellite communications solutions can help Public Media Organizations resolve key challenges, such as:


When travelling to remote locations, satellite phones are a key component to keeping connected in the field. All satellite phones will provide voice and most will provide SMS functionality at a minimum. The IsatPhone 2 provides global coverage and offers many extra features such as built-in tracking capabilities, a digital compass, and a programable SOS emergency button.

The Iridium Go! is a great alternative to handheld satellite phone. The GO! is a ruggedized and highly portable unit that serves as a Wi-Fi hub for your iOS or Android smartphones or tablets. The GO! establishes a connection to the Iridium network, and establishes a Wi-Fi connection to your phone. Once connected, users are able to make voice calls, text, or send their exact location using the free apps for iOS and Android.

If you require multiple RJ11 lines in your vehicle, we provide the SatTruckPhone 2 bundle. The SatTruckPhone 2 enables the connection of up to 5 standard corded/cordless phones to be used over the Inmarsat IsatPhone Link service.

When data becomes part of the equation, media users turn to BGAN or VSAT technologies.

BGAN – Portable Broadband Solutions

Both BGAN and VSAT technologies can be utilized for media organizations to deliver live video and audio broadcasts, store and forward video news clips, and provide field news reporters with access to their office resources such as email, Internet, VPN and telephone services.

BGAN is a highly portable technology that can be hand carried in a case with the reporter’s laptop computer making it ideal for news teams working in remote regions, war zones or disaster sites.

BGAN HDR – High Data Rate Service

The new BGAN HDR (High Data Rate) service from Inmarsat provides a minimum throughput of 580kbps, with speeds reaching as high as 800kbps, using highly portable terminals like the Explorer 710, and the new 9211 from Hughes. The Explorer 710 supports bonding two terminals together, allowing you to double the connection speed, enabling connection speeds over 1Mbps. With global coverage on the reliable Inmarsat-4 network, BGAN HDR service is a great alternative to VSAT for live broadcasting.

For longer term deployments or situations where higher bandwidth speeds are required, auto-pointing, portable VSAT systems are available.


VSAT – High Bandwidth Portable and Fixed Site Solutions

VSAT terminals are much larger than BGAN terminals, and provide significantly higher bandwidth. Terminals are available in both fixed and mobile applications. VSAT terminals must be properly “pointed” towards the satellite in order to send and receive. Most fixed terminals generally require a technician for initial setup, while most mobile VSAT terminals utilize an auto-pointing system than allows them to be set up with a push of a button, without any technical experience.

Portable terminals range from backpack sized FlyAways, such as the Explorer 3075, Explorer 5075GX, and the Skyware Auto-Acquire GX ATOM. Vehicle mount, auto-pointing DriveAway terminals are also available.


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