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New York Mobile Satellite provides reliable satellite communications options to greatly enhance crew morale and mining operations, anywhere in the world.

We to help mining customers resolve key business challenges, such as:

  • Enabling exploration professionals with remote communications to transmit test data in real time to increase efficiencies in operations
  • Ensuring remote mine sites have reliable, durable and capable communications with head office
  • Providing remote workers with connectivity to maintain safety and morale by keeping them connected with both work and family
  • Reducing downtime at mining sites through the provision of back-up voice & data communications
  • Providing ‘Day 1’ voice & data communications to enable staff to send reports, receive instructions and track deliveries

Our suite of satellite communications solutions for voice and data help to improve communications and mining business operations resulting in cost savings, faster operational results and improved safety.

  • Phone Calls Around the Globe – Need to make a phone call from a remote exploration site in South America or anywhere in the world? A variety of satellite phone options are available including handheld portable phones, vehicle mounted phones, fixed site installation phones and full VOIP (Voice over IP) telephone networks for large mining operations.
  • Connect Our Exploration Team or Mining Site to the Internet – Need to connect to the Internet, send email or establish a VPN tunnel to your corporate IT infrastructure? For these type of data communication requirements, both BGAN and VSAT technologies are available to provide broadband Internet connectivity. If you’re on the move during exploration phases, then BGAN terminals are a great choice since they are small, portable, easy to use devices that provide a ‘3G speed’ Internet connection, as well as telephone service and SMS text messaging. For your mining  sites, our VSAT systems will enable you with higher speed options to accommodate a large multi-user environment of laptops, smartphones and PCs needing Internet connectivity, along with a fleet of VOIP telephones.
  • Help Us Maintain Morale at the Mining  Site – Happy people are more productive, so an effective morale calling solution will pay back dividends. We can provide options for telephone calling, based upon an allotted amount of time or minutes per day/week/month, and facilitate the ability to allow your staff to purchase additional time beyond what your company wants to allot. Kiosks can be set-up with Internet connections to enable text or video chat for staff; or wireless access for those that want to connect with their own smartphones or tablets. The morale calling systems for voice or data can be segregated from the business applications so that it does not impede the performance of business critical applications.

Keep Our Team Safe – For workers operating in remote or dangerous locales, portable devices with GPS tracking and panic buttons can be provided so that you know where your people are and they can let you know if trouble has arisen. For camp sites, video surveillance can be routed over satellite links back to your head office or your security services provider to ensure the safety of your team and assets in the field.



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