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Aid, NGO & Disaster Relief

Satellite Communications to Support your Mission


New York Mobile Satellite provides reliable satellite communications options to greatly enhance Humanitarian, NGOs, Aid and Disaster Relief organizations in isolated locations where communications are poor or non-existent due to conflict or natural disaster.  We can help  field workers to set up emergency telecom centers or field offices in minutes, optimize emergency aid processes, and boost the efficiency of humanitarian missions with a suite of voice and Internet satellite services.

Benefits of Satellite Communications

  • Instant connection: light, easy-to-use solutions that speed up your rescue and relief operations. Independent from potentially damaged or congested terrestrial networks.
  • Remote office: keep long-term mission teams in touch in isolated areas.
  • Mobility: easy to set up and handy to carry equipment for aid workers on the move.
  • Security: ensure your team’s safety and security in rural areas by having satellite phones available immediately.


Solutions for Disaster Relief

When natural disasters occur and relief is required, Aid agencies around the world require effective communications to enable relief operations.  We helps Aid agencies and relief organizations to ensure they are as efficient and capable as possible.  Keeping their people in touch with a changing situation and in control of their resources is an important part of helping to save lives and ensure the effective supply of relief items, medical supplies, food and water to those in need.

Emergency Response – With our portable systems, we enable first responders to be on the phone providing updates as soon as they arrive, streaming live video for tele-medicine, sending real-time data on the rescue operations and connecting with other aid agencies to co-ordinate crisis relief.

 Disaster Relief Mobile Offices – The same portable systems described above can be used as you set up mobile field offices that move through the region affected by the disaster.  You can augment your operations with BGAN vehicle based solutions that provide communications on the move.

Welfare Communications – Safety is an issue for people working in remote locations. Keeping aid workers in touch with the office, and their families, is an important part of any relief operation. Additionally, those affected by the disaster are likely without any means to communicate with family outside of the disaster area.  For both of these situations, New York Mobile Satellite can provide morale calling services, with PIN based or time-based calling cards that can be distributed to staff and those displaced by the disaster.  Kiosks or portable case systems with multiple telephone lines can be provided for an easy to set-up solution for morale and welfare communications.



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