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Communications around the globe 24/7



New York Mobile Satellite provides reliable satellite communications options to greatly enhance Transportation and logistics operations, anywhere in the world. Communications can be the difference to maintaining competitive advantage, optimizing operating efficiencies and ensuring the safety of operators, vehicles, vessels and cargo.


We help Transportation and logistics customers to resolve key business challenges, such as:

Providing real-time GPS tracking information on vehicles, vessels, containers, railway cars, equipment or other cargo; to ensure you know where things are located, for assurance and expediting of deliveries.

  • Ensuring voice and data connectivity on a global basis, on land or at sea, to keep you in touch with your people and your fleet.
  • Enabling your fleet operators with data communications for messaging, work orders, traffic and weather reports, to optimize business operations.
  • Augmenting the coverage of your dispatch operations with global push-to-talk services that ensure your people are in touch with dispatchers regardless of where they are located.


Solutions for Transportation & Logistics Industry

Our suite of satellite communications solutions for voice and data ensure reliable communications for transport and logistics business operations; resulting in cost savings, faster operational results and improved safety.

Tracking – Our tracking solutions provide GPS information on the time intervals that you require. Helping your route scheduling, providing data for your fleet management reporting, enabling you to define geo-fences to identify things gone astray and giving you operational data on vessels or vehicles for speed, mileage, compartment open, door unlocked, seat-belt off, trailer disconnected or other telematics information that you want to monitor.

For cargo and containers, satellite tracking will enable you to identify the location of empty and full containers using location and sensor data to avoid having containers sit idle. You can prevent cargo theft and ensure the safety of goods by collecting data from door, cargo, and tire pressure sensors. Track the location of your container or trailer in the event of a theft by leveraging GPS location information. Deliver valuable shipment location information to your customers to support just-in-time operations.

For your railway cars, you’ll be able to quickly find and deploy idle railcars using GPS information to reduce dwell times and ensure full utilization of a rail wagon fleet. Calculate stop times at rail stations and border crossings using geofencing capabilities. Receive alerts when railcars enter or leave rail yards, border crossings and other points-of-interest by leveraging GPS and geofencing capabilities. Track unusual or unscheduled stops using the GPS accelerometer inside the satellite terminal, which can notify rail fleet managers when a wagon starts or stops. Control rail cargo and temperature sensors, and receive notifications of excessive impacts from over-speed coupling.


Dispatch Communications: Telephone & Push-to-Talk – Depending where you operate on land or at sea, you’ll likely encounter times when your travels take you outside of cellular

 services or your 2-Way radio network. New Your Mobile Satellite provides satellite telephone systems in multiple formats: portable handhelds, in-vehicle fixed phones or docking kits, and maritime phones for life at sea.  If it’s push-to-talk radio that you require for dispatch operations, then we can extend the range of your 2-way radio network across your operating region, on a global basis.  Our SATRAD Matrix products also provide simple integration of satellite push-to-talk with your existing UHF/VHF radios, repeaters and dispatch console systems.

Logistics Data Applications – Our solutions can provide you with broadband Internet or low-speed data systems for your vehicles or vessels. We provide you with two-way, text and data connectivity with your drivers anywhere across the globe – no matter how remote their location. You can send detailed information to individual drivers, multi-cast to groups of drivers, or broadcast to all of them at once.  Providing on-board data capabilities will help with route scheduling and the provision of traffic & weather reports to aid the driver or ship captain in route planning.  You gain the ability to transmit electronic documents such as forms, work orders, instructions, personnel identification, completion acknowledgements and billing signatures.


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